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Pet Policy



Pet Policy

At the Desert View Inn, we welcome and adore our canine guests! Dogs are allowed in specific rooms and we go to great lengths to make certain the pet friendly rooms are the only rooms for pets.   We want the no -pet rooms to remain pet free for our allergen sensitive human guests.    As for the pet-friendly rooms, there is an additional one-time fee of $50 per dog per stay. (Extended stay guests pay an extra $50. per month for one pet.) 

Here are a few rules for our canine guests:

1.  Dogs must be leashed while on the property.

2.  No aggressive dogs.  Desert View Inn has a zero tolerance policy for aggressive dogs. If you know that your dog does not do well with unfamiliar people or dogs, please do not bring your dog to Desert View. The safety of our canine and human guests is always our first priority.

3.  Quiet time must be observed by our canine guests as well as our human guests.  If your furry friend tends to bark excessively when left alone, please do not leave them unattended in your room.  We have a quiet time beginning at 10 p.m. where we ask that all unnecessary noise be volumed down.  Make sure your pup does the same.

4.  There are pet waste disposal bins and bags, dog sheets to place on furniture, and welcome treats. Help keep our grounds clean and safe.

5. Dogs left alone in the room must be crated.  NO EXCEPTIONS 

6. If you need a dog bed, water bowls, or crate, just ask!

7.  Dogs are never allowed in NON Pet Friendly rooms.  NO EXCEPTIONS

8.  Love unconditionally.  

Dogs welcome at the Desert View Inn
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